Tanning Is the New Sheikh

Tanning over the summer gives us an effervescent glow that we can only dream of in the dark days of winter. But at what lengths will we go to in order to give ourselves that killer tan we oh so need. Would we risk giving ourselves a potentially life threatening disease in order to get the girl we like to notice us?

Well the fact is that we do give ourselves the possibility of having that certain disease every time we head out of our house and into the sun. And even though we are well aware of the risk and sometimes we will not even where sun tan, nothing perturbs the incessant need to tan. It is something innate inside us that upon until a small time ago we needed to get as brown as possible.

But life has switched right over. Years ago the more tanned you were the more you were looked down upon in society. Especially Victorian times in Britain you were sneered upon if you appeared to be of a Mediterranean skin. It reminded people of the ongoing wars between the countries of mainland Europe and Fantastic Britain.

But nowadays with the European Union movement and the constant changing of the guard when it comes to people moving around there are higher acceptance levels. Each of the holidays we take now is ever more vital. And instead of us wanting to go out abroad and get a tan, we end up getting a tan before hand and looking excellent on our holidays.

Even when the days are rainy, and in England that is more than ever, we have sun bed salons and self tan kits. In fact there are very few times in the year that you are not able to look your best. Foundation helps you blend your skin and tanning over time gives you a fantastic blend with your skin.

When this is related to dating there are fewer things more vital than making yourself feel confident. And if you can make yourself feel confident then you have every chance of being successful. We look for darker skin when we come to looking for a lady. There is nothing more attractive than white linen shorts and golden brown legs.

If you are able to find this elusive golden nugget then snap it up with both hands. Keep yourself in shape also and everything will fall just into place.