NBA Playoff Predictions

What is going on everybody? Welcome back to my little sports and fitness blog, super happy for y’all to be here again today and support me. It means a lot. Now, onto the NBA playoffs. We got a couple good games going on in the first round of the playoffs, including the Boston Celtics taking on the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors taking on the Milwaukee Bucks. I am really excited for the Raptors to tear apart the Bucks, as a Canadian I only get one team to cheer for and it isn’t that often that they are in the playoffs.With eight series starting next week, here are my picks for the teams that will move onto the second round of NBA playoffs.


Boston Celtics Blow Past the Chicago Bulls

While the Bulls are doing great at rebuilding, the Celtics are still a powerhouse. While the Celtics only manage to outscore opponents by 2.6 point per game which is the second lowest score ever for the number one seed from either conference. This is still a full score ahead of the Bulls, at 0.4 points per game.


Toronto Raptors Claw apart the Milwaukee Bucks

Most people think that the Raptors are an easy choice to defeat the Bucks, and their 13-2 record against the Bucks in the past four seasons is a big reason why. In March the Bucks did manage to break their seven-game losing streak against the Raptors, but All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry missed that meeting. This time the team are at relatively full strength, and Milwaukee players are still feeling good about this matchup. The Raptors are equally ready for the matchup, and are looking at it with a sense of urgency according to the head coach. Who will win this timely matchup? Hopefully Toronto!

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