Is Sleep Programming A Hoax? Or Can You Learn While You Sleep?

Sleep programming is one of those things that you’d like to work. After all, you have to sleep and if you can use that down time to learn things then that’s a bonus. So is it really possible to learn while you sleep or is the whole thought just an expensive hoax, designed to part you from your money?

Research carried out in 2003 showed that the answer was a qualified “it depends”. The study showed that if you were in really deep sleep then it was unlikely that you’d learn anything. But in a light sleep – like the one we’re in several times every night – sleep learning has been shown to work. We sleep in cycles and have several of these cycles every night we sleep. Light sleep forms part of those cycles and lasts between 5 and 15 minutes, about the same length of time as we spend in deep sleep.

So it follows that you’re in light sleep for a random length of time and a random number of times each evening.

So to stand the best chance to learn while you sleep you’ll need to place the CD or MP3 onto loop. Some – but probably not all – of the suggestions will get through in any particular sleep cycle.

That said, are far as I’m concerned, some is certainly more than none.

There have also been other studies that show that rats are capable of learning in their sleep. There are many similarities in our DNA compared with rats and they’re regularly used as test subjects before human trials take place as they’re generally considered more “expendable” than humans.

The scientific magazine “Nature” has also printed details of a study that showed that babies are capable of learning whilst they sleep.

All of which means that the evidence is pointing strongly in the direction of you being able to learn while you sleep.

I’d certainly say that on balance, for me, the evidence is quite strong that sleep programming works. You can read a detailed review of the sleep programming system here. Why not give it a go and find out for yourself how to learn while you sleep?