Home Gym Equipment

I might have kept my tub from my two pregnancies but I used to be a pretty athletic person in my younger days. Now I’m running all over the home doing my chores and cleaning up after my two young girls but I don’t really get chance to go out and exercise much these days. We take the dogs to the park and I sometimes take the girls swimming where I can get a few lengths in but that’s about it. I think it’s important to be encouraged to do exercise when your young as it sets you up for later in life. When I run the kids into school I see a lot of overweight children carrying bags of candy or sucking on ice lollies. Their parents don’t seem to care that they are setting a bad example and the kids will grow up unhealthy, never wanting to do exercise.

As I’m encouraging our two girl to get involved in activities, it’s only fair that we supply them with what they need at home. Both of them have took an early interest in gymnastics which is a great way for them to keep fit and in good condition. I don’t want them to get to the point where they don’t eat just so they can keep their slender frames but I do want them to keep active and there doesn’t seem anything better than gymnastics to help them do this. Like I said, we do encourage swimming too and they are both competitive swimmers considering they are still only young, much better than I was at that age. We can’t really afford to build a pool in our back yard so setting up a little gymnasium for them at home is the best option.

Making Room for a Kip Bar

I’ve been sitting down with the girls to see what kind of things they would need in the gym area and it’s been quite fun working out a layout and design together. One of things that they said they use at school is a Kip bar. I hadn’t really considered the height you’d need for something like that so the original idea of clearing out the garage space and turning that into a gym, has gone out of the window. Instead, I’ve managed to persuade their dad to buy a large shed for the garden that’s about 5 metres wide and 10 metres long. It has a tall ceiling, especially in the centre, so it’s perfect for a Kip bar to go in the middle area. This has seriously added some cost to the project as just buying the equipment alone is already a massive expense. We’ve told the girls that if we buy the shed and the Kip bar, then the other equipment will have to come gradually for Birthdays and Christmas.

As they’ve got a great family, they won’t have to wait too long as aunts, uncles, grandads and grandmas have already agreed to help this year to get most of the equipment they need. I’ve been busy with the girls searching the internet for all the other things they need. A site called gymsupply.com I’ve found to have the best choice for home gym equipment and the prices are as reasonable as anywhere. We’ve already decided to get the Kip bar from there that comes with all the safety matts etc. I am a little concerned about the girls using that kind of equipment in case they get injured but they assure me they know what they are doing and I suppose it’s just part of learning gymnastics. I’ll make sure they are always supervised that’s for sure, especially the youngest as she’s a little bit too fearless for her own good.

Other Equipment we’ll need to Buy

Other things we’ve been looking at is a springboard, mini beam, a large matt for freestyle gymnastics and a workstation multi-bar. These are the main things they’ll need for now and we’ll see what else they want as they progress at school. I think we’ll probably buy the main equipment brand new from the website I mentioned but there’s a few littler things like balancing balls and skipping ropes that we are going to buy elsewhere. I’ve found a good place for second-hand gymnastics equipment, used.forsale. They’ve got all the other little things we’re after and you can find the larger equipment too. I’d just rather get that brand new from the shop so I know it’s in good condition and is as safe as possible to use. Hopefully in the next month we should have it all setup. The shed is due this week and we are going to start ordering everything else once that’s all been setup ready. The girls as you can imagine are uncontrollably excited at the moment and looking forward to their new home gym.