How To Get Your Bike Ready For This Season

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I don't know if you're aware of it, but I'm a big fan of cycling. It is a great workout and it keeps your entire body in good shape.
Right now the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising every day. So it is about time to start this years cycle season. Get off your spinning bikes and get your push bikes ready. Those who have put their bike in the garage or cellar during the winter should, however, pay attention to some things before venturing into the street again.

Safety Check

If you want to use your bike again after many weeks, you first should perform a proper safety check. To begin with, a simple test is recommended. Just lift your bike up slightly and drop it from low height onto the tires. If nothing is rattling, this already is a good sign. If the opposite is the case, you probably need to get it fixed.

Frame, Handlebar and Saddle

Screws and other connections can loosen over time. Therefore, cyclists should check whether they are still tight. In particular, the stem, the steering rod and the saddle must be checked beforehand for their correct positioning. If necessary, they should be tightened with the appropriate screw or hex-wrench.

Tools for Bicycles

If you are missing the right tools, this is not a big deal. Just order them off this used for sale website The offer a wide variety of different sizes and also cheap, great sets.


Cracked, bare, old and worn out tires are a major risk of a breakdown or even an accident. Therefore, check the profile for cracks or cuts and remove small pebbles or glass flakes. If the tire and/or profile is too worn out, new ones should be purchased in any case. I personally prefer tires of the German manufacturer Schwalbe. Just visit their website for more details.
Also the right air pressure is very important. It has a great influence on the driving comfort, the safety and life-span of the tire as well as the effort required for riding the bike. The recommended air pressure can usually be found outside on the tire.


The brakes must also be tested thoroughly. It is important that they provide enough power, move freely and the breaking pads are in good condition. If they are already worn out to much, they should be replaced immediately. If you are not sure, some brake pads have a mark on them. So if you need new ones, brake pads of various brands can be found on

Check Bicycle Breaks

In the case of cable brakes, the wires should also be checked and re-tightened if necessary, as they can get rusty or become loose. Hydraulic breaks should also be checked the same way. Sometimes they require a refill of the brake fluid.

Chain and Gear Change

If the chain is dirty and poorly lubricated, riding the bike will unnecessarily require a lot of power and may cause unpleasant noise. Therefore, cyclists should clean the chain with a brush or a rag. Afterwards a thin layer of oil should be applied evenly. It is important to check the gear change and shift into every gear, so that the oil can spread evenly on all gear-wheels. If the chain is too stiff and rusty, it should be replace by a new one.

Check Bicycle Chain and Gear Shift

So I hope the above tips will get your bike ready for this season. But if your wheels are already to messed up, you can go to the awesome shopping website They sell new and second hand bikes and also offer great deals and bargains of bike related equipment.