How To Train for Flag Football

Hello there people. I would like to welcome y’all back to my sports and fitness blog. My little boy is going to start playing flag football in the spring, and wants to be ready when it comes around. I told him that in the next couple months we will train together and by the time that the season rolls around, he will be a star. To help with this I have bought him some used equipment and training aides from that I will teach him how to use properly. I am confident that he will take the field and be one of the best players there after a good training session, if you read my post on football gloves you will know that I played high level football when I was younger so I am excited for him to follow in my steps.

 Flag Football for Kids

Grabbing the Flag

Something that is really important to learn in flag football, especially at a young age is how to zero in and grab that flag. In tackle football you are taught to follow the ball carrier's belt buckle as that will give you the best indicator of where they plan to move. I went a bought some used football flags at for us to train with. The first day we went out to the park along with my other son who has played 2 years of football. We spent the entire afternoon and evening there with two of them trying to grab each other's flag, and by the end they had a rivalry like the Steelers and Ravens(from my classic rivalry post) but the both knew how to grab that flag.

 Flag Football Flag

Strength Training

Football is a game of big mean hitting other big mean to see who is bigger, so obviously the kids are going to need to bulk up. I didn’t want to get anything to hard core as they are still young, but I want them to start weightlifting to some degree. To help with this I bought them some used rubber dumbbells from and showed them how to do a couple simple excersizes. In the two weeks since they started their workouts, the kids are doing great! I also put them on a simple football diet that I got from and they are surprisingly enjoying it.


 Rubber Weights

Remember that it's a game

After some hard training sessions I had to remind the kids that this is still a game. I showed them film of mine where I made some pretty glaring mistakes, and told them everyone does it. It is important to know, and some parents don’t tell their kids this and don’t remember it for themselves. If you have kids going into sports, then this is something you must tell them! I am glad we talked about it already, it seems they understand. I have to go, it is almost training time again. Have a great day everyone.