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Let it be the teenagers planning to impress girls or the fat people planning to lose weight or people planning to lead a healthy life, the usual solution that all these people seek is to start body building! There could be a variety of reasons for people to indulge in body building. Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru says, “Although you do right things for wrong reasons, it still benefits you”.

We are very well aware of a larger number of biological benefits that body building could yield us. For instance, body building helps in, maintaining homeostasis, increasing metabolism, decreasing the risks of cardiovascular and skeletal diseases. But there are lot more goodness that it could give us than we could actually realize.

I first started body building at home. As said in the title I did started with buying weight, medicine balls and a bench. To get it for a cheap price I decided to tak the second hand option with This website is quite good because it compare the price for a selected product. So I had the best price.

After a while I decided to go to the gymnasium for body building, when I wanted to impress my crush. Initially it was very difficult and tedious to remain consistent with my routine, but later it became little easier. After some six months, I succeeded in winning her heart and gradually I stopped indulging in body building. Few months after stopping it, I started to miss something. I was always thinking about what I was missing and then suddenly one day I decided to go back to gym. After few days, I started realizing what I was missing when I didn’t go to gym. In our life, we usually wear some clothes, even though it may be uncomfortable, just to present ourselves better to the society. We go for shopping for satisfying our boy/girlfriends, we post photographs on Facebook wanting people to think that we look handsome or beautiful, reply work emails in vacation, to satisfy our clients. But when we go to gym, we have no smart phones or social networking websites or any kind of disturbance or distraction. We focus just on ourselves completely. We devote the entire time we stay in gym just for us. Those are the only moments when we concentrate just on ourselves and nothing else. Therefore I realized that when I stopped indulging in body building, I was missing focus on myself. I was actually missing myself.

I recently happened to read a book titled “Mastering Exercise”, by Colin Robertson. In this book, he discusses how body building could improve our will power and help us stay more disciplined. He discusses about a research in which 24 non exercisers where indulged in body building training for 2 months. The results of the research showed that, after a period of two months, these people showed an increased perseverance, procrastinated less, felt more in control of their emotions, reduced smoking, saved more money, spent more time studying and overall turned out to be more productive.

Therefore “Bodybuilding makes not only a fit body, but also a fit mind”. So in addition to biological benefits, body building could help us lead a happier, healthier, progressive life.

See you in my next article, until then bye and have a nice work out!

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