Balance is best

So today I thought I would discuss dieting… Personally I am strongly against it, well, it depends what we are talking about here. I think fad diets and trends are definitely more harm than good and are completely unsustainable but a diet that creates a balance and helps us to change our attitude towards food is a good thing. My general view point is that ‘balance is best’. So in regards to eating, it should consist of a mix of eating fairly healthy home cooked foods with some treats thrown in from time to time too. Alongside this, some form of exercise helps to cancel out the treats we have and allows us more wiggle room (in more ways than one!) This doesn’t mean you have hit the treadmill every day, it can merely be a walk with the dogs or some vigorous cleaning, just something that keeps you active.

From my own experience, I have always tried to adopt this attitude and so far so good! I will have a few days of eating healthily and keeping active then maybe a day or two where I don’t have time for exercise and I fancy a takeaway or a meal out. This is completely fine because throughout the week I have maintained a balance which means I don’t feel like I have deprived myself from having what I want but it also means my body or self-esteem doesn’t suffer either. Dieting on the other hand often creates extremes which are completely unsustainable. They deprive us and make us cut things out completely which may work for a short period but at some point we will reach breaking point and end up having a massive binge. That being said, diets that try to train us to consider what we eat and how much can be beneficial and can act as a great guide to a more balanced and healthier attitude towards our health. I would like to know what you think too and what your experiences are. For me though… ‘balance is best!’